Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Here is a follow-up to my posting June 29th of the questionable direction sign leading to Ottawa International Airport:

In the last couple of days, I’ve had correspondence with a senior person in the city’s traffic services branch posting department.  He provided a picture of the pending new green sign, to be replacing the current one (see picture below) soon.IMG-20140628-00046

The new green sign is the same size, with ‘TO/VERS’ plus ‘TERMINAL/AEROGARE’ removed. Also, there is a fork in the road separating the two streets names on the left from the airport symbol (altered to a vertical image) on the right. The airport symbol itself is to stay in the same position, same size, with the image enhanced via a white background.

Having noted there is space to enlarge the airport symbol to make it easier to see, I was advised that the ‘Ontario Traffic Manual’, in its desire to promote “uniformity of treatment in the design”, requires the airport symbol to meet size specs within a sign for roads based on the speed limit.  An enlargement of the image would require a larger sign. Also, notwithstanding that the blue sign remains a visual distraction (in my opinion) vis-à-vis the airport, the city department does not consider it a problem requiring a different location.  Presumably a fixed up version will continue gracing below the green sign.

While one appreciates being informed about the process and progress, one is disappointed as to the preference and logic in putting uniformity ahead of maximizing focus and visibility.

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