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The Big ‘Sleeps’

Can we please have people in the media not use the juvenile expression about how many ‘sleeps’ there are until some event arrives, especially when it is adult oriented?

On today’s CTV Ottawa supper hour news broadcast, the weatherman commented that there are two more ‘sleeps’ before the new CFL football team (with the empty of substance name of ‘RedBlacks’) makes its home debut. Please, sir, don’t add to the trail of silly and unprofessional blemishes this broadcast has regrettably become known for. There is rarely (and I mean rarely) an edition which does not have a significantly noticeable technical or script glitch, which creates an amateurish production impression. Part of the negative reinforcement has been the use on more than one occasion of the ‘sleeps’ message.

if it is difficult to complete a broadcast without a serious production issue or error, at least avoid verbal non-professionalism, unless the goal is to makes audience gains in the younger than teenager market.  Hopefully, that’s not the focus of a dinner hour news and information program.

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