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Get Out of the Line

One of the best responses to annoyingly dumb behaviour coined by recently departed, and sadly missed, comedian John Pinette was “Get out of the line!”  His stories featuring this plea were usually about food.

This morning I experienced the driving habits version of this refrain.

While on a weekday, mid-morning drive I encountered two re-examination candidates:

– The first fellow casually, and naturally without signals, slid his car in front of me across two lanes to get into a nearby turn lane; there wasn’t much room to play with, so perhaps that excuses his ‘other drivers get out or else’ approach.

– Shortly after this, I became stuck on a two-lane, partly wooded, minimal traffic stretch behind an asphalt crawler who insisted on going a speed not endangering the limit.  As a bonus, at the next light stop Mr. X needed a full wake up call (via horn) to get his wheels moving again.

To the self-indulgent road hog, try doing it in your driveway or an isolated parking lot. Meanwhile, “Get out of the lane!”

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