Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Bobblehead Reporting

Have you noticed how often nowadays TV reporters in the field seem to feel obliged to give several head nods when the studio host bounces the on-air feed to them?  In some cases, this occurs almost every time the feed switches to them during the report.

Why has this become increasingly the norm, in my observation, particularly with female reporters?

Perhaps it’s a reflection of an involuntary, innate sense of excitement at being called upon to give their information, especially if they can provide personal perspective.

Perhaps it’s a newly discovered tension release mechanism for muscles connected to the head, and more specifically the vocal chords.  If so, cannot the show producers encourage a substitute form of muscle relaxation?

The practice comes across as annoying, distracting, and borderline sycophantic.

Perhaps it’s part of a covert plan: a marketing ploy on the part of the reporters, trying to get a piece of the immortalizing bobblehead pie which has emerged in the world of professional sports memorabilia.  If so, they better hope the production economies of scale are extremely efficient.

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